Saturday, July 10, 2010

I am finally posting!

It has almost been a year since I last posted any pictures. I thought that now that little Abby is almost here, I probably should start posting more often. We just had an ultrasound this week, and here is the 4d picture. We cannot believe she will be here in about 2 months!

We went to a work party for Eddie, and Hudson was entertaining everyone dancing to the guy playing guitar. He was so happy to watch him play.

Lately, all Hudson wants to do is wrestle with Eddie. This is the new face he makes whenever I ask him to smile for the camera. He will come up to me and make that face when he wants me to get the camera out. Such a goof ball!

Since the elementary school is closed for the summer, we go over and use the playground. Hudson loves it because there are a lot of different areas to play.

Here he is finger painting. He loves it, but now that is all he wants to do. He points to his painting on the fridge and says "this, this". So we end up finger painting quite frequently!

Here he is trying to weigh himself on the scale at the doctors office.

This is when we were at the botanical gardens. They have this long path surrounding a huge grass area by a duck pond. Hudson loves it, because he can get pretty close to the ducks without them running off.

Over by the duck pond.

Albuquerque actually has a pretty nice aquarium. Hudson loves it, so we go there quite a bit.

Hudson was so excited by this dog cage, and got in by himself. He actually really liked it, and stayed in there for a long time!

Cutie Pie!


  1. Love the photos! Hudson is so adorable. Miss you guys!

    Ryan and Bethany

  2. yay for the new post! huddy is getting so cute! Boston loves to wrrestle Jason too! all the time! i always have to remind Jason that he needs to help boston wind down for bed! finger painting sounds so much fun, but i am a little bit worried to introduce something so messy or so addictive for that matter! i love you guys! Abby is gonna be so cute i can't wait to meet her in the fall! hopefully in AZ or Denver

  3. Hey Guys! Hudson is so cute! And your little girl is going be so cute too!! Your little Brown Family is coming together! Miss you guys! Keep In touch! Randie and Michael Norr